Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton

I can feel the smell, the smell of freshly baked dough. The sweet smell of dough is throughout the street; it makes my mouth water. I looked at the bakery, and the bakers are not open yet. Maybe they are preparing for today. I look up at the sky, and the sun has not risen.Continue reading “Memories and senses of Samuel Sheraton”

The darker it DARK?

Sorry I am claustrophobicAnd that’s how I know I am stuckIn the built structure of this bodyI have been thinking all alongHow am I here at allWas I forcefully trapped into this?Or it is just another mistake by the universe?I have wandered through the worldAnd travelled through the skyNeither I found the escapeNor the answerContinue reading “The darker it DARK?”

So what if we can’t travel now?

By – Gayatri Agarwal  So what if we can’t travel now?  Close your eyes and reminisce; Close your eyes and reminisce; The winds blow, and the rivers flow. After all,   Nature is everywhere we go.  The plant outside our home;  Or sipping a coffee at the gloam;  Every corner is a beautiful home. To allContinue reading “So what if we can’t travel now?”