Death of Self and alienation from oneself

Well, if you are familiar with me, you might also be familiar with my usual philosophical topics about self, void and nothingness. Today I will not go deep into philosophies of self, but I will talk about the daily alienation one feels psychologically in the modern-day. I as a result of this confirm and declareContinue reading “Death of Self and alienation from oneself”

Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!

To the giver in youTo all the times you let your self-esteem sit backTo all the times you said;‘It’s them before me’ & saved them from any attackAnd lastly,To all the times you thought you were at faultOh darling, sadly;None understand kindness comes by default. So stop there!Take a deep breath;For they will take youContinue reading “Hey Giver, Time to give yourself!”