The new succulent trend!

This time let’s catchup with the trendy plants, succulents/drought plants. Before this lockdown, I had no idea about these tiny, little, cute plants. When I got to know much about them, I couldn’t stop loving them, and sometimes I feel I have a very few reasons, but sometimes I feel the count of reasons doesn’tContinue reading “The new succulent trend!”

Let’s play in the kitchen for sometime!

Firstly I love eating and watching cooking videos which made me watch a series called “just add magic” only because they add some magic ingredients to make magic with food. I know it sounds stupid sometimes, but once you are completely into it you will love it! **Remainder: Playing in the kitchen doesn’t include aContinue reading “Let’s play in the kitchen for sometime!”

LOCKDOWN READING: good books that makes your time fly!

It’s already been seven month of lockdown and obviously most of us got bored of watching series. Many are searching for the good books to catchup in the lockdown. Reading is one of the best methods to ease your mind and plunge into an all-encompassing story. Whether it’s before the bed to relax or throughoutContinue reading “LOCKDOWN READING: good books that makes your time fly!”

Artificial Intelligence: from human intelligence to beyond

Many of us have these question Why is that ends up with “n” number of additional questions! But in precise, I’m going to tell you “why we got to rush for AI.” Artificial Intelligence, mostly known as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence by devices. In precise, it is the method by which devicesContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: from human intelligence to beyond”

Girl before a mirror – Art from cubism period

“Yes, I suffered ! I faked my smile for an unknown reason! I am not so happy for what I am! Hated myself for how I look! And Yes, I’m not ok with my curves and tone!” This is how many girls think about themselves irrespective of how they are reflected. And these thoughts haveContinue reading “Girl before a mirror – Art from cubism period”

Karma is not a bitch, It is a snitch!

When something goes wrong, we all say without a second thought; “It’s true man, Karma a bitch.” It has become a trendy phrase too. I used the same phrase as others. But I changed it to “Karma is a Snitch” after hearing this voice;“Hello, dear!Wondering who I am?I’m the one whom you all call asContinue reading “Karma is not a bitch, It is a snitch!”

Frugality – We all need it!

Many of us can feel that why do we need Frugality. Let me give a self example.Just like all other weekends, I was lying on the bed, using my phone and I got a notification of sale on amazon and without a second thought opened the app. I saw one art kit that drove meContinue reading “Frugality – We all need it!”

Unheard voice of Sold Bodies

My name is Snigdha. I was just 16 when I went missing and reached Mumbai, amidst the slaughters. I was sold when I’m still a daughter, forced to lie down on the beds of tyrants while I’m still dressed as a bride with shiny saree and wild makeup. Now I have a body that hasContinue reading “Unheard voice of Sold Bodies”

Are you also living in Hopper’s “Morning Sun”?

I know your first question is, “Who is he?” Edward Hopper is an American painter famous for his oil paintings; he was equally proficient as a watercolorist and printmaker in etching. Realistic depictions of everyday urban scenes that appear in most of his paintings still shock many during recognition of the strangeness of familiar surroundings.Continue reading “Are you also living in Hopper’s “Morning Sun”?”

Somethings need to be changed by SOCIETY not by GOVERNMENT alone.

“Shreya, an 8-year-old girl, is playing with other children, and suddenly a boy living next to her house came and said “Shreya, your mom went to the market and asked me to get you home. Come, let’s go home.” She said bye to everyone and went along with him. While walking back home, he pulledContinue reading “Somethings need to be changed by SOCIETY not by GOVERNMENT alone.”