Paava kadhaigal – A Movie review

Paava Kadhaigal, an apt title for such a wonderful anthology. This anthology speaks about four different stories with one common emotion, the honour killings. Directed by Sudha Kongara, Gautham Menon, Vetrimaaran and Vignesh Shivan, one story each. This is an anthology that portrays humans’ cruelty to sustain the honour in society.The series begins with aContinue reading “Paava kadhaigal – A Movie review”

Death of Self and alienation from oneself

Well, if you are familiar with me, you might also be familiar with my usual philosophical topics about self, void and nothingness. Today I will not go deep into philosophies of self, but I will talk about the daily alienation one feels psychologically in the modern-day. I as a result of this confirm and declareContinue reading “Death of Self and alienation from oneself”

The trend of eating Dosa, aka, Indian Pizza

Dosa! Every Indian or a fan of Indian cuisine is aware of this infamous and notorious food. As simple as it is to make, it is also one of the light foods you can take as a snack! But why is it a trend in the modern era? How is it possible to make aContinue reading “The trend of eating Dosa, aka, Indian Pizza”

Will she ever miss me? – Final part

Its 4 am, it has been three days we broke up. I am unable to sleep. My minds play the moments I spent with her in repeat mode. Neither I can talk to her, nor I can move on from her. I have spent all these three days in my bedroom neither my parents knowContinue reading “Will she ever miss me? – Final part”

Will she ever miss me-Part-4

She blocked me both virtually and in her real world.Its been two months. It’s not that I don’t miss Aafreen. Still, I gradually learnt that Life is a lengthy equation with different functions in it, including love. I felt forcing or convincing is not suitable for any relation. I just left to time that ifContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part-4”

Will she ever miss me-Part-3

by- K Dada Hayath Click here for the first part! Click here for the second part! I messaged “I am in love with you, Aafreen, maybe love at first conscious sight.” When I just messaged this. Even though I felt lite when I messaged, but my mind got struck. I felt someone had pressed pauseContinue reading “Will she ever miss me-Part-3”

That’s What She Actually Said

By -Gayatri Agarwal There was a time when we were called deities; Now we have come to a world; Where we are just a part of pities. Every morning we wake; Every step we take; It’s considered to be a mistake. Whether it be; Wearing a dress of our choice; Or hanging out with theContinue reading “That’s What She Actually Said”

Your planet needs you – #PaperBagDay

With the green bedspread;And a blue blanket on top;Mother Earth has been a beautiful stop.But it’s all fading away;With all the plastic on the bay;Earth has a price to pay. Look around you;The ocean is losing its hue;And the land is nowhere to be renewed.Air, water, soil, noise;The pollution has taken away it’s joy;A fabulousContinue reading “Your planet needs you – #PaperBagDay”

Never too late to see a way out of a troubled marriage!

By – Gayatri Agarwal Woke up with the love of my life;  It looked like a dream to be his wife;  One year into the marriage;  And we were blessed with a baby boy in our carriage.  Two years down the lane;  The love started to fade away;  Was he the same man, I couldn’tContinue reading “Never too late to see a way out of a troubled marriage!”